Hands Off!

A digital periodical publication by Ethical Treatment of Children

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Hands Off! is as digital periodical publication, published by Ethical Treatment of Children, to advance anti-spanking and other "peaceful child guiding" causes. We would say "peaceful parenting" as it is also known, but not all of us are parents, and we'll get into why that's okay soon.
Ethical Treatment of Children is a group of like-minded people, some who have children of their own, others who don't, who truly believe that we can improve the quality of human life by changing the way we think about raising children to adulthood.
All we ask of you is to read what you see herein with an open mind, and should you choose to join any of our groups, that you engage and interact with us in a respectful manner. Everyone won't agree with you on everything, but if you're anti-spanking, you'll be most welcome among us.
The late Jordan Riak (1935-2016) envisioned a world where children would be raised peacefully. Today, we are working together to realize his dream, and ensure that spanking and other forms of corporal aggression don't have a future.

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