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Monday, February 22, 2021

62 Countries Now Ban Corporal Aggression

According to Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children corporal punishment, or as we call it around here, corporal assault or corporal aggression, has now been banned in 62 countries around the world. Nearly every country in Europe and South America bans, and the trend is catching on like wildfire in Central America and Africa as well! Nearly 1 in 3 countries worldwide now ban spanking. Any information regarding the compliance and enforcement of these bans is appreciated.

Nobody's Property creator addresses why an unspanked vigilante doesn't pose a problem for the anti-spanking movement

Anyone familiar with the work of Nobody's Property creator Blake Hutchison, also a founding member of Ethical Treatment of Children - which started out as a Facebook group and has expanded into a worldwide community of anti-spanking activists, knows that Blake is proudly anti-spanking and has been active in the anti-spanking movement on at least some level since the turn of the century.

However, his illustrated series, , has drawn some criticism even among the anti-spanking community. It is referenced in the Nobody's Property novels that the illustrated series' main character, Nadia Willis, was unspanked as a child. However, she often murders child molesters, other child abusers, white supremacists, other members of other kinds of hate groups (apparently plans are in the works to have Nadia massacre an entire KKK )

All we ask of you is to read what you see herein with an open mind, and should you choose to join any of our groups, that you engage and interact with us in a respectful manner. Everyone won't agree with you on everything, but if you're anti-spanking, you'll be most welcome among us.
The late Jordan Riak (1935-2016) envisioned a world where children would be raised peacefully. Today, we are working together to realize his dream, and ensure that spanking and other forms of corporal aggression don't have a future.

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