Ethical Treatment of Children

We, the anti-spanking community, thank you for helping micro-fund our cause merely by visiting this page, no matter where you stand on corporal assault, and no matter how you got here, because anti-spanking folks are big on saying "please" and "thank you." Unlike a lot of pro-spankers, to be honest. Just by visiting this page, you are helping fund the cause for children's rights. Thanks for stopping by!

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The revolution is coming. An anti-spanking children's rights fervor has gripped a quarter of the world's nations. Our cause is now the law of over 50 of the world's approximately 190-200 countries. You can be a part of the ongoing revolution, by writing for us, and sharing in the revenue as we make it from the ads you see on this site. We get paid per impression. If you have a Bitcoin wallet, PayPal address, or even an Amazon Mechanical Turk account ( you could get paid to write for us.

More Details on this will be available soon.

We're working on a structure where writers who contribute articles share in the advertising revenue we receive from our pages. In other words, help yourself while helping us.

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