Ethical Treatment of Children

You just helped fund the anti-spanking children's rights movement merely by visiting this page. Whoever you are, wherever you stand on corporal assault, thank you for helping fund the end of it. Every fraction of a cent helps!

Spread the Word!

If you don't spread the word about something, you can't reach an audience. Barnum knew this. Buffalo Bill knew this. Everybody with an IMDb page probably knows this.

(Yes, Blake has an IMDb page!)

Pro-spankers are trying to take over the media

Fortunately, so are we. And unlike them, we don't rely on anecdotes and mere opinions. We back up our case with scientifically supported evidence, not misquoted misinterpretations from 3,500 year old books, and also unlike them, we don't mistake a quote that is actually from a 17th century erotic poem for being from the Judeo-Christian Bible.

We're not going to let that happen

If you think stories like The Handmaid's Tale could never happen, or that they would just target one group if a regime like that ever actually happened, think again. As we speak, children's rights hating terrorists like Michael and Debi Pearl, the Westboro Baptist Church, and others are organizing in an attempt to stop the Children's Rights Movement. People like these have even inspired individuals and organizations to suggest, threaten, or even plot violence against anti-spanking children's rights activists, in a desperate last-ditch effort to silence us so they can keep "raising children as they see fit" or whatever eupehmism they want to call it.

Most people will be converted peacefully

Fortunately, the "gospel truth" of how more peaceful, ethical treatment of children, will be an antidote to the poison of raising children harshly, even abusively, that has plagued the world for centuries and even millenia, can be spread just like the cancer of "I turned out okay, so I will turn a deaf ear to more peaceful methods, so don't call me ignorant and mind your own business!" was spread. The revolution is unstoppable - our message has already reached a quarter of the world's nations which have banned the practice of corporal assault (or whatever you call it.) Spanking and other forms of corporal assault are on the way out, and they will not be allowed to come back once they are gone. Resisting us is futile.