Ethical Treatment of Children

Facebook Group Rules

ETC Anti-Spanking Activist and Current and Future Peaceful Parent Center

Last updated January 9, 2019. This overrides all previous group rules, and no old rules are "grandfathered."

Here's how to make a list:

  1. When new rules are made, there are no "grandfather clauses." If we change a rule or add a new one, it is your responsibility as a group member to follow it.
  2. Failure to read the rules is not a defense to violating them. You'll still be temporarily suspended from posting for at least 12 hours if you violate any rules.
  3. No blocking or disrespecting Admins or Moderators.If you block any Admin or Moderator, or are blocked by any Admin or Moderator, you may be removed from the group either automatically by Facebook or by another admin. "Disrespecting" shall be defined by Admins, Moderators, or party who feels disrespected, not by you.
  4. No disrespecting Members.Do not slander, libel, or spread rumors about any member of this group. It's okay to disagree with members and to say so, but be respectful about it, and understand that in situations where your definition of "respect" differs from that of an Admin, the admin or moderator is always right no matter what.
  5. No Off-Topic Conversation on Touchy Subjects!Posts about gun control, abortion, vaccination, circumcision, and politics (except references to politicians in children's rights situations) are prohibited unless cleared in advance of posting by an admin (who will most likely say no). Unauthorized posts about such will be deleted by admins if found, unless authorized by an admin or moderator in advance of posting.
  6. Be Kind and CourteousWe're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required as a general rule. Swear words are OK if not directed at specific members. No TYPE SCREAMING, in other words, no posts entirely in ALL CAPS.
  7. Absolutely NO trolling!If you lied about being anti-spanking (or receptive to anti-spanking ideas) and you're simply here to harass anti-spanking folks, GET OUT! This is not the forum for it and the admins will shut that shit down.
  8. No Hate Speech, Racial/Disability Slurs, or BullyingMake sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, disability, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. For example, some swearing is allowed. Racial and disability slurs (N-word, R-word) are not.
  9. Divisive Topic Warnings for all potentially divisive content. Anything that is potentially divisive must have either a Divisive Topic warning, or you may follow the Trigger Warning Procedure. This includes all discussion about topics like politics, religion, circumcision, sports teams, and so on. Content should also be related to the anti-spanking movement.
  10. Use Trigger Warnings for sensitive material IIf it has the potential to trigger someone, use trigger warnings and put the potentially triggering media in the COMMENTS, not the original post. If you fail to use trigger warnings, and an admin has to fix your mistake, you may be muted/suspended from posting for at least 12 hours. When in doubt, use a trigger warning anyway! Improper trigger warning use (such as putting triggering media in the original post instead of the comments) may result in temporary suspension.
  11. Respect Other Members What's shared in the group should stay in the group, unless you have permission from the original poster to share outside the group. No shaming or calling out other members in front of the whole group for any reason. Contact an admin if someone is giving you trouble.
  12. If you choose to leave the group, leave quietly. Departure Announcements are prohibited, so if you feel you must leave the group, don't even bother announcing it to the whole group, as it will only be deleted anyway. Leave quietly and you'll probably be allowed to come back if you change your mind later. If not, you probably won't be allowed back in even if you change your mind later, short of a major atonement on your part.
  13. Self-promotional posts (websites, businesses) are allowed but must be reasonable. Some of us have side gigs. Our founding admin Blake has an independent movie company, book series, and illustrated series on the side. You may link to your own projects within reason, especially if they are somehow cause-related (not totally mandatory depending on what it is), as long as this group doesn't turn into an ad farm for Viagra and Ponzis
  14. Admins reserve the right to ensure people are reading the group rules by quizzing people about any group rule, either randomly or upon reasonable suspicion of a violation.