Ethical Treatment of Children

Thank you for your support of children's rights merely by visiting this page, whether you intended to or not. You have just helped fund the coming children's rights revolution with a few fractions of a cent that cost you nothing and did not result from cryptojacking or any other ethically questionable activity.
If you're anti-spanking, share this page to help spread the word about the anti-spanking children's rights movement.
If you're pro-spanking, share this page with your pro-spanking buddies to tell them how awful you think we are. Then they can come visit the site just to see how awful they think it is, and whine about it to other people
If you're neutral, share it just to be on our good side when we do take over the media and governments of the world, because children's righs will dominate the Earth whether you like it or not!
Either way, we win, and so does the cause for children's rights! No publicity is bad publicity.
Disclaimer - None of the advertisements on our page constitute an endorsement from Ethical Treatment of Children, the Church of Human Dignity, Sansevieria Media Group, or any other persons or entities affiliated with the aforementioned.

Anti-spanking humor

A joint venture of Ethical Treatment of Children, Sansevieria Media Group, and Church of Human Dignity! (Okay, they were all founded by the same person)

About this project

Anti-spanking humor - Ethical Treatment of Children The anti-spanking children's rights movement doesn't really have enough of a presence online or out in the real world. I, we, aim to change that. Control of the media is imperative, especially since we may still be the minority of the population as a whole (though in some countries, this may be changing).

Most of us have senses of humor, so I thought I'd make a subsite on the Ethical Treatment of Children website with some humor from an anti-spanking children's rights perspective.

Begin: Things I Trust More Than A Pro-Spanker

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