Ethical Treatment of Children

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About us

We are fed-up anti-spanking children's rights activists, who are more than annoyed with the rhetoric and false claims that not spanking children has caused the so-called decline of society, when:
  1. Countries like Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany, all of which ban parental spanking of children, have ALL seen a decline in incarceration due to a lack of people to put behind bars.
  2. School violence incidents are proportionatly far less likely to happen in the 31 states which have banned public school paddlings than the 19 which haven't.
  3. If spanking prevents crime, why was there ever crime before 1962 or so, when Dr. Spock first came out against spanking?
  4. Also, why isn't Stockholm the most dangerous city in the world?
  5. Why does Schwerin, the most dangerous city in Germany, still have a lower crime rate than most major U.S. and even Canadian cities?
"I'm sick and tired of living in a country where the majority of the population supports doing something to children that would be sexual harassment if done to an employee, animal cruelty if done to a dog or cat, and domestic violence if done to a spouse or intimate partner without their consent...and I have no plans of leaving."
- Blake Hutchison creator, Nobody's Property series, and founder, Ethical Treatment of Children

So, what can we do about it?

Get the word out. We're NOT going to mind our own business. There is much debate about whether or not spanking is abuse, and even in the anti-spanking movement people disagree on this. However, it is a potential "gateway drug" to acts of illegal child abuse. Many illegal child abusers started with legal* corporal assault** such as spanking, then started using implements when that stopped "working," then moved on to actually beating children, punching them in the face. All because people minded their own business.

  1. Information and education are the paramount, most important method we are going to utilize to put an end to corporal assualt forever. This can be difficult in the information age, when people literally consider Internet memes "verifiable evidence" of their anecdotal opinions, which they also confuse for facts.
  2. Maintaining a presence and showing the other side that we are not backing down.
  3. Keeping our own cool when engaging in a debate or other argument with any person who does not agree with us. Let them do the name-calling, shouting, and other rudeness. When we keep our cool even when they don't and remain civilized about our view, we prove to those on the fence about spanking and other forms of corporal assault that we are the more civilized side. For now, the pro-spankers seem to have a problem doing this. The founder of this organization has even received death threats from time to time. When was the last time you heard of an anti-spanking activist threatening a pro-spanker's life? Yeah, thought so...because it's probably never happened!!!
* Legal under U.S. law. Obviously, if you're reading this from Sweden or Germany, or any of the 53 other countries which have wisely banned the practice, it's not legal where you are. ** Since spanking an adult without their consent would be called assault, not punishment or discipline (except maybe in BDSM situations), we call it what it is here at ETC - corporal assault

Dude, what's with all the f**king ads?

Sorry about that. Obviously, if we are to continue to get the word out, and attain our goal of almost total domination of the media, we must be able to fund ourselves, and many within our movement aren't well-enough funded to be regular patrons or donors. To those saying "get a job," we have one. This group is run by workers, self-employed people, and entrepreneurs. Trust us, we have a job...but in all seriousness, we get a small fraction of a U.S. cent every time you view this page. That may not sound like much, but if (I should say when) we get a million views those fractions will add up pretty fast. This allows us to fund getting out more information without asking for patrons or donations (though if you want to fund Blake's creative project Nobody's Property go ahead and click here or navigate to

Where is the line between so-called "discipline" and illegal child abuse?

This is a tough one,

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